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All About Mistress Eden Lost

Welcome to My domain, My darkling. I am a Domina of many pursuits and fetishes and My sessions reflect this. I am a Goddess of seduction and sensuality. Know that My pleasure is your complete and total submission. What pleasure you will feel from the intoxicating euphoria of falling under My control! I am a Mistress of mental domination. Don't be deceived by My smile and mesmerizing, feminine voice. My joy is derived from your degradation, your terror, and the anticipation you feel. I am a Dominatrix of sadism and control. you are My puppet, My servant, My pet. Relinquish control, abandon your ego, surrender your self esteem. you will be broken in, broken down, and rebuilt to My desires.

My background in BDSM began almost a decade ago in the fetish scenes of Los Angeles, Berlin, and Leipzig. I am a lifestyle Domina as well as Pro Domme who genuinely enjoys Her profession. For many years I have enjoyed kinky pleasures in My personal life. I began My studies in BDSM as a professional submissive in one of Los Angeles' top dungeons. From this experience, I have learned the traditional style of Domination and protocol. As a result, My own style of domination is flavored with a strictness and precision of pain, humiliation, and calculated cruelty. A core tenet of My fetish philosophy is that femdom is a complex and nuanced experience mixing pleasure and pain, fantasy and reality, desire and denial.
Before any sessions it is of utmost importance to ensure compatibility between the Mistress and Her submissive. In the sessions I administer you can expect to begin with a direct and frank discussion of expectations, desires, and limits. I will not take a slave or session I do not find appealing. I cannot be bought or bargained with. Sexual services are not available.

A prudent slave would read all the information available on this site, follow all instructions in regards to contact, and even offer a tribute or gift before the session.
A prudent slave will educate himself on My rules, My sessions, and where to find Me online.

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